Lumenis Duet Lightsheer Handpiece

Lumenis Duet Lightsheer SC, EC, ET, EP (9mm) Refurbishment

Lumenis Duet Lightsheer SC, EC, ET, EP (9mm) Handpiece Refurbishment + Shot Counter Reset

Includes free overnight shipping both ways + drain kit – See Specifications for details


Product Description

This listing is for a complete refurbishment of your Lumenis Duet Lightsheer SC, EC, ET, EP (9mm) handpiece.  Our refurbishment services include:

  • Replacement of diode array
  • Comprehensive test of cooling system
  • Test and calibration of output energy (report provided)
  • Video of handpiece functioning post repair (at your request)
  • Reset/recharge of shot counter
  • Extra wrap on connection at head
  • OEM or OEM equivalent parts
  • Quick turnaround time – Approximately 48-72 business hours
  • Trigger replacement (if required)
  • Flowtube replacement (if required)
  • Replacement of O-Rings
  • Total examination of handpiece for other damage
  • 30 day warranty


Additional Information




Duet Lightsheer SC, EC, ET, EP (9mm)

Drain Kit Included?

Yes, drain kit included. Please drain your handpiece before shipping. We are always standing by to assist you with the process. Results from non-compliance can be damaging and/or cause a total loss of your handpiece. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE INCURRED FROM WATER.

Inbound Packaging

Customer responsible for packaging. SMT is not responsible for inbound shipping damage.

Inbound Shipping

Free overnight in USA

Outbound Shipping

Free overnight in USA


30 Day


SMT strongly recommends insuring your equipment in order to expedite repairs in the event of any shipping damage. Buyer Declared Insurance Value: $ ________________ (required for return shipping of repaired item). Any extraordinary insurance charges related to any equipment are the responsibility of the Buyer.

Average Turnaround Time

Approximately 48-72 business hours

Terms & Conditions

If repairs are needed beyond the evaluation or the refurbishment, our hourly labor rate is $225.00 in addition to any charges for parts. After evaluation, we will submit a quote detailing the estimated parts and labor costs. All replacement parts are used unless otherwise expressly noted in writing in the Quote. 

 After confirmation of pricing, SMT will not proceed without your written approval. Payment must be received before any part(s) are ordered/shipped or service evaluation is performed. 

The parties further agree that if Equipment is left at SMT for 30 days beyond completion or resolution of the service, SMT shall send Buyer a written notice to the last known Buyer address, indicating the need for the Buyer to communicate its desire to receive the Equipment. If Buyer does not contact SMT in writing within 30 days of date of letter expressing its desire to receive said Equipment, the Equipment shall be considered abandoned and shall become property of SMT. If Buyer does not respond to the written notice of abandonment, SMT in its sole discretion, may ship the Equipment back to Buyer at Buyer’s expense, using the method of payment authorized by Buyer below.